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Moved by dance, yoga, sound, words and the paradox in nature, Annette’s teaching reflects her life’s study of movement, rhythm and opening shadows. She encourages a journey into inner wisdom by sharing her inspiration of the play between breath and expression through posture in kinsphere (imaginary space that surrounds the human body). Her classes are dedicated to assist the deepening of self-reliance, self-awareness and harmonic connection to a greater whole. As both student and professional, Annette has lifelong experience in dancing arts. She’s a licensed esthetician and certified yoga and prenatal instructor.


When Ashley first discovered yoga, it didn’t take long for her to realize she found something special. Yoga’s ability to calm the mind and lift the spirit lead her to greater self-acceptance and self-awareness. Wanting to spread the life changing effects of yoga, she enrolled in the 200 hour Teacher Training program at Corepower Yoga. Ashley has also completed the Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 with Michelle Dortignac, and brings her passion into the aerial arts! She believes yoga is truly for every body and is a beautiful way to bring the community together.  Yoga is a tool we can use at any moment to slow down and tune in when the world seems like it is moving too fast.


photo1Yoga has been a huge part of my life for over 14 years.  I have found the practice to be both freeing and a great discipline.  Yoga became a productive and natural way of dealing with back pain from my scoliosis and has given me strength where my structure is imbalanced.  I aim to share my knowledge about the movements, postures and endless potential of the human body with my students.  The mind/body connection that I have gained through my yoga practice is something that enriches my life on a daily basis, and I want to share that gift with others.

   I have been involved in the fitness industry for several years.  My focus has been yoga, cycle and barre classes.  I really love the hybrid or half & half classes, such as cycle-yoga, because you get a little bit if everything and leave feeling rejuvenated. Giving students a challenging physical workout and rounding it out with a mental and spiritual edge is, to me, the whole package!


Dennis is a native of Colorado. He loves Colorado for the sports, the outdoors, the arts, and restaurants. He found yoga after trying several different exercising classes. “After taking my first yoga class I felt a shift in my entire body. The strength, balance, flexibly and focus all were a challenge and I felt this overwhelming calmness that was new to me.” Dennis teaches a Vinyasa flow and believes Yoga is not just a physical practice but a lifestyle. His goal is to show you that any of life’s challenges can be overcome through the practice of yoga. Come enjoy a life changing class with Dennis today!



Jaimie Epstein is an Advanced Certified 800-hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher. Her classes — known for their juicy sequencing, eclectic playlists and sublime hands-on assists — inspire students to dive more deeply into their own hearts.









Jen H.

Jen fell in love with the asana practice 10 years ago in Boston when her lifelong best friend invited her to a Baron Baptiste class and said “bring a change of clothes”. From that point on, she’s been practicing daily. She enjoys all the different styles of asana, each with their special qualities, but finds that the real yoga happens off the mat in everyday life – mom’ing, driving, cooking, talking, caring. Jen’s mat has become her most powerful teacher, reflecting who she is in every aspect of her life, encouraging self-awareness, love and acceptance along the way. She has an infinite passion to learn more as a practitioner and a teacher in order to share whatever she can with her students. Jen creates a fun, challenging, yet supportive environment and embraces everyone for who and where they are. Her vibration is ‘YES’!
Outside of the studio, she loves physical anything, loves coffee talk, loves to dance, loves sushi, loves the ovean and looooves her boys. She did her first 200 hour Teahcher Training in Prana Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea in Venice, CA, and taught in Boston thereafter. Jen moved to Colorado in 2011 and has been wow’ed and inspired by the vibrant yoga community. She completed the 2014 Core Power Yoga Teacher Intensive Training with Amy Deva and also apprenticed during the 2014 Figure Yoga Teacher Training with Richii Jai. Jen feels blessed to call Figure Yoga home and looks forward to her continued yoga journey as both student and teacher.

Raven Elise

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Raven’s yoga practice began over 18 years ago, as advised by a counselor, for stress and pain management; due to a back injury from a car accident. The practice has become part of her life journey ever since. In 2008, Raven earned her 200-hour vinyasa certification and as of September 2012, she is the first in the State of Colorado to be certified as an Unnata® Aerial Yoga instructor. Raven’s passion for knowledge continues to expand as a yoga practitioner and teacher. She believes the more she learns, the more her students will benefit from her classes.

“My practice and teaching style is not solely focused upon one discipline of yoga, but rather integrating all the beautiful attributes that each type offers. Yoga has become my rock, my best friend, and an unconditionally loving, reflective mirror; into myself, and my relationship with the world. It’s multifaceted, as it smoothly relates to all aspects and every area of my life. Whether I’m riding a bike, eating dinner with a friend or having a crucial conversation; the essence of yoga resides underneath of surface.”

Richii Jai

Richii Jai is a Colorado native and a true yoga enthusiast. He has been studying yoga asana and the 8 Limbs of yoga (Raja Yoga), sharing what he discovers with his students. Richii Jai practices yoga daily, in the studio, at home, and randomly in the isles at the supermarket. He has written Yoga Teacher Trainings, Advanced Yoga Workshops, and coached groups of Yogis in Training. His favorite Yoga though is Nada, singing, and the observance of how to alter his environment through sound vibration. Richii Jai has taught more than 4,000 asana classes in Colorado, meeting many like minded folks, and sharing this ancient experience of yoga and self discovery, enlightenment! Richii Jai pays full attention to his students, using anatomical knowledge, alignment methods, and understanding the unique expression each person is living, he encourages the students to be honest, free, and explore their postures. Richii Jai is currently developing videos for bicycle athletes who want to use yoga for boosting and restoring their minds and bodies.


Robyn grew up in Colorado with her family at the base of the San Juan Mountains. She has always been interested in fitness, nutrition and energy. She is a Second Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo, a Certified FAST Defense Coach, an Anti-Bully instructor for kids, a 250 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and a cheering section for everyone who steps onto a yoga mat. She began teaching Martial Arts in 1997 then added yoga into her classes in 2009 to help her students stretch more mindfully. Deciding to make a switch from teaching martial arts to yoga, she finished her yoga teacher training at Samadhi Center for Yoga in Denver. She enjoys watching others learn, grow and find their voice; trusting all the while in the process or change.

Robyn brings an emphasis on alignment into her classes. Having been amazed by the different lineages of yoga, she has studied several different styles including Power Yoga, Iyengar, Bikram, Hatha and Restorative Yoga, pulling safety information from each method. She likes to keep classes interesting by bringing in a variety of fitness and strengthening exercise and stretches.

For her, teaching yoga is a way to create an experience for others and to hold a space for them to grow stronger, have a chance to play and try something that might be challenging and then at the end of a class, have a few moments of well deserved rest. She has five children ages 14-24, enjoys going on walks with her husband, quilting, reading, playing the piano and being in the mountains.


Sarah fell in love with yoga after experiencing its amazing capacity for healing. Three years ago, after overcoming physical and emotional struggles, and tending to the aftermath of those struggles, her Naturopathic Doctor prescribed her with yoga. After integrating a regular practice into her life she experienced undeniable benefits. She believes in harnessing the power of yoga to strengthen mind, body, and spirit. Sarah received her 200 hr Power Yoga training from CorePower Yoga Boulder and was so captivated that she followed it with their Extensions program to delve deeper. She then began offering her time to local high schools teaching yoga as part of their physical education program. She is looking forward to continuing her education in yoga, group fitness, health, and wellness. Sarah is committed to contribute to the spread of the healing power of yoga through teaching, and uplifting others through the encouragement of positive thinking.


Stephanie has been a professional fitness instructor and avid yogi for over 20 years. She received her MS in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado in 1996 and has continuously worked as an Exercise Physiologist in the Boulder/Denver area. Stephanie has over 1500 hours of yoga training, including specialties in power yoga, hot yoga, and therapeutic yoga modalities. Stephanie’s passion resides in working with individuals challenged by illness, injury, and addictions. Stephanie is certified as a Yoga for Survivors®, Yoga of Recovery®, and Ayurvedic and Wellness Counselor. She has also completed training in Yoga for Trauma and Addiction and is a certified Unnata® Aerial Yoga instructor. Stephanie’s teaching style includes classic Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, meditation, breath work, inspiration, and humor. She enjoys challenging students to work with their bodies, mind, and emotions to develop a deeper, well-rounded practice. Steph works as an Exercise Physiologist and Resident Assistant at Frasier Meadows in Boulder, CO and offers classes and private sessions at several studios in the Boulder/Denver area.


When Tammie started practicing yoga in 2006, she never dreamed her new found favorite “workout” would change her life and become her passion. In 2011 she began to practice 3 times a week and fell in love with how energized it made her feel. Tammie works full-time in the IT industry and is rooted in the beautiful Louisville community. She loves her practice so much she wanted to give back to the community and begin teaching to others. She is excited to join you on your yoga journey!